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Hermanos Perdidos en bicicleta! Bruxelles - Bienne à vélo! 16 June - 30 Juli 2022

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Café Olé live at Objectif Terre, Lausanne Sept 2020

Un Dia live at Objectif Terre, Lausanne Sept 2020

The new Album "Despierta" is available now!

It was a great pleasure to celebrate the album release on the street and in Kreuz Nidau on the 1st May.

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Order the CD "Despierta" online in the shop of our label Rad Fyah

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Download the digital album "Despierta" on Bandcamp - consider to make an account there and support the band even more. You can choose the quality when downloading.

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Despierta! is the name of the debut album by the band Hermanos Perdidos. Wake up! Wake up in view of the social and political hotspots in our societies. And wake up, because the pulsating and playful rhythms of this CD make it impossible to go back to sleep.

After two EP's and countless concerts, Despierta is now the first longplayer of the well-travelled group and contains songs in different languages and styles. With 13 wild songs, the album tells of the experiences of a band that travels the world with open eyes.

Hermanos Perdidos see the CD as a means of building bridges in the face of a fractured society. In this sense, various co-productions were also made. Among others, with Bilal Nidal, a Syrian-Kurdish musician, and the Venezuelan singer Ama Retta. These musical collaborations see themselves as a call. As a call to finally end the Syrian war, and as a call to overcome the borders that divide us and to dedicate ourselves to the essential: to dance together!

Our Snapshots

America Del Sud


America del Sud

Chile - 2020

America Del Sud

crossing the borders

Critical Rosalie Tour


Critical Rosalie Tour


Critical Rosalie Tour


Concert street

La Rumba de Calle

Summer is coming !


Upcoming events

Date Venue Location
Sept 16 / 2022
La coquille

La Chaux de Fonds, CH

Sept 17 / 2022

Pieterlen, CH

Sept 22 / 2022

Samedan, CH

Sept 23 / 2022
Café Ajüz

Scuol, CH

Sept 24 / 2022
Café Mokka

Thun, CH

Sept 29 / 2022

Trubschachen, CH

Okt 21 / 2022

Lenzburg, CH

Okt 22 / 2022
Pipistrello Dernière

Bonstetten, CH

Okt 29 / 2022

Dijon, F

Oct 31 / 2022
Foire de Diesse

Diesse, CH

Nov 3 / 2022
Café du Commerce

Biel/Bienne, CH

Nov 9 - 20 / 2022
Belgique Tour Avec Musique d'action paysanne


Nov 10 / 2022
La Bicoque - Avec MAP

Liège, B

Nov 11 / 2022
Périple en la demeure - Avec MAP

Limerlé, B

Nov 12 / 2022
l'esprit de l'âne - Avec MAP

Mousny, B

Nov 16 / 2022
L'accroche - Avec MAP

Bruxelles, B

Nov 18 / 2022
Saz Club - Avec MAP

Liège, B

Nov 19 / 2022
Ferme de l'escampette - Avec MAP

Neuville aux joûtes, F



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